An example Regula Vitae

Chris Webb from the Renovare Movement shares his own Regula Vitae. It seems pretty daunting at first but remember he’s be at this kind of thing for years. As you can see, he has committed himself to a range of activities and attitudes for the year– some regular, some occasional. But notice also that there are only twelve things, each with a certain simplicity. Chris himself says of them, “I would be the first to admit, it is not exactly earth-shaking. This handful of simple, straightforward commitments is not about to change the world. But it did change my world.”

A Personal Rule of Life

  • Pray the daily morning and evening prayers from the Anglican Common Book of Prayer (editor’s note: Dickson did not make me write this!)
  • Make a retreat once every year
  • Fast until the evening meal one day every week
  • Practice an ‘examination of conscience‘ one a week
  • Worship together with the church every Sunday, whenever possible
  • Participate in the Franciscan Community, including spiritual direction (mentoring).
  • Practice Simplicity: give generously and travel light
  • Practice Hospitality: open my home to all
  • Read Scripture daily
  • Study at least one other Christian book each month
  • Participate in the celebration of the Eucharist (Holy Communion) on Sundays and holy days, whenever possible
  • Seek to serve and honour God in my daily life and work.