Suggestions to Consider

Here are some suggestions to consider including in your Regula Vitae. Please don’t try to include them all– choose some. And add your own, which will probably be much better than someone else’s! These are intended to start you thinking.

Simplicity and Generosity

  • Keep a diary of my discretionary purchases and reflect on them
  • Make a habit of giving things away

Silence and Solitude

  • At least four times a year, plan a half-day alone
  • Speak less. Listen more.


  • Host people for a meal once a month
  • Build intentional friendships with…

Resting Well

Fasting and Lament

  • Fast at least one meal once a month
  • Observe the anniversary of a personal tragedy this year


  • Thank God more often
  • Celebrate people’s milestones

Patience and Submission

  • Walk more. Drive less.
  • Meet with a mentor at least once every two months

Meditation and Prayer

Authentic Worship

  • Commit to a church community and join them for regular worship services
  • Regularly ask myself what “living authentically before God” might look like. See Micah 6:8.

The Discipline of Service

  • Sign up to volunteer regularly
  • Put others before myself in all things

Living the Story

  • Read scripture at least 5 days a week
  • Read two Christian biographies this year

Taken from Appendix One, The Tortoise and The Hare, by Andrew Shamy, Sam Bloore and Roshan Allpress