While most of us are not ready to sign up for a month-long silent treat (as a friend of mine tried to do every year), we can all begin by introducing some less extreme changes into our schedule. Are you ready to take the two week ‘Blaise Pascal Challenge’? Here it is—

Stop. Sit down in silence for 5 minutes. Every day for two weeks. Do this with no one around, no phone, no book, no music. Nothing.

No doubt your mind will race with thoughts of incomplete tasks and urgent jobs. Just let them go. Don’t write them down for later. Just let them go. Instead, slowly become aware of the presence of God. Draw near to him just to be with him. Don’t ask for anything. Actually, don’t pray anything. Just be with Him and enjoy his presence. And if your mind just relaxes, that’s fine too.

If you miss a day— don’t sweat it. Try again the next day.  Over the two week period, see if you get better at this discipline. See if you actually start to enjoy it.