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January Week 2

Rest and recreation

It’s the only the second week of the year. RELAX! We are going to focus on the discipline of Rest for the whole month of May, but it’s worth remembering its importance here too. Most of us are enjoying at least a few days of holiday right now and most of us need it—we are in rest and recovery mode from the year that has just been. 

During this time, reflect some more on the biblical passages describing Creation. Ponder the implications of its derivative word: re- creation. “Recreation” derives from Latin and literally means, “to create again.” It was first used in the late 14th century to describe “the refreshment, restoration or curing of a person.” 

To ponder: What does this, and the Genesis account, tell you about the potential significance of this holiday time? What decisions are you making to actively ‘re-create’ as opposed to merely ‘chill out’?

Recommended Read: The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, by John Mark Comer. Podcast here.

2 replies on “January Week 2”

Hi all,

I tried to rest and relax on the train this morning and found myself doing the exact opposite within 10mins – sending messages to plan and organise things.

Any tips for ways to rest this week?


Hi Meg, I reckon catching a train would set me on edge anyway! But I’m sure that careful use of public transport is still a good thing. So some thoughts on ways to rest?

1. Location matters– when we are in our customary ‘working environment’ whatever we do just feels like work. If possible, look for a change of scene– a place you don’t often go.

2. Replace the digital with the personal– it may not be your problem, but planning an activity with real people, face to face (where safe to do so) is always more restful for me.

Other thoughts and comments? C’mon team, I’m looking for some more tips, too.


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