Welcome 2021

Growing Disciples offers a step-by-step pathway towards Christian maturity, no matter whereabouts you are up to on your journey of following Jesus. This program is intended as a resource to help us develop in four key areas: bible reading, prayer, community, and practical exercises in growth. Since the days of the early church, Christians have found that each of these activities, together, are used by God to bring growth.

This course is a development of the St Andrew’s Roseville 2020Discipleship program, made available to fellow disciples wherever you may be. What’s new this year? A greater emphasis on both Prayer and Christian Community, with planned opportunities for us to share our insights and experiences (in person, circumstances permitting) as we read the broad sweep of the biblical narrative in a year. Having learned much from our first attempts, we hope to refine and nurture some more ‘growth exercises’ (commonly known as ‘spiritual disciplines’).

Our program of video Daily Devotionals will also see some development. Look out for these to re-launch in late January.

So, welcome to Growing Disciples. Please bookmark this site on your web browser or sign up for email up dates in the box below.