January: Week 4

Writing your Rule of Life 

Now the fun part! By now, all of the usual ‘New Years Resolutions’ have faded away. This is different. This week we are recommending that you write out your own ‘Rule of Life’ (see Week 3). 

Don’t feel overwhelmed—this is simply a chance to intentionally write down a few guiding principles for the year. A common mistake with a Rule of Life is to aim too high, to include too many areas and to set unrealistic expectations in each area. This is not supposed to be your description of a perfectly pious life; this is meant to be a way to help you start examining your life and reflecting on it. What do you really want to focus on this year?

Don’t write too much—leave some room for improvement next year!

Consider whether there is someone you might like to share this with. Perhaps you could invite them, from time to time, to ask you how you’re going?