August Bible Readings

In the month of our August our ‘read through the bible in a year’ program moves into the New Testament, beginning with Matthew’s gospel. The Growing Disciples program invites participants to choose the depth at which they will engage in their bible reading– whether just hitting the highlights, going a little deeper and wider, or reading every verse. If you are doing ‘the full plan’, you may wonder why, now that we have entered the New Testament, why there are still readings from the Old Testament. There are two answers: (i) because we haven’t finished it yet; and (ii) because there are parts of the Old Testament which have so significantly shaped the thinking of the New Testament, that reading them in parallel mutually enriches the experience.

So, in the month of August, enjoy reading the gospel of Matthew, John and the ‘post-exilic’ part of Isaiah. Click on this link to take you to the readings.