Luke 2:21-40

The gospel of Luke is a biographical, historical, and theological account of Jesus of Nazareth, written to assure its readers of what they have learned. Ness Hughes leads us through the opening two chapters of Luke’s gospel, inviting us to delight in the certainty of our belief in Jesus as the Christ.

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One thought on “Luke 2:21-40

  1. Alban August 6, 2021 / 10:38 am

    Ness We know there are a lot of gaps in the Bible. I wonder whether you are aware of a simple explanation to the following:
    Jesus was born in Bethlehem; the magi went to pay tribute and it would have taken them a few days to travel to Bethlehem – and they visited Herod on their way; my guess is A few days would have elapsed between the birth and the visit by the magi. On the eighth day Jesus was taken to the temple in accordance with the Jewish rites, Following which accoding to Luke Mary Joseph and Jesus went back to Nazareth, not a short distance from Bethlehem. How do you explain to a new Christian or a new reader readerWho might consider Luke’s story to be a bit far-fetched in that the time span between visit by the magi, Purification of the temple and the return to Nazareth are very very short, Especially for a new mother to travel such long distance soon after giving birth.

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