Welcome to GrowingDisciples for 2022

This year we aim to enrich our experience of growing as disciples of Jesus Christ by adding some new elements to our course, while also reshaping some of our existing patterns. We will continue to emphasise Bible Reading, Prayer and Growth Exercises, but with a new opportunity to engage with the work of influential Christian authors and thinkers.

During the month of January, we commence our bible reading in the book of Genesis– with additional readings from Job and Proverbs for those who wish to read every book of the Bible in full throughout the year. Navigation to the Bible Readings (and the whole site) is available at the top of this and every page.

In previous years our ‘Daily Devotional Videos’ have proven very useful as gateways into the text of the Bible, but perhaps they have also limited our engagement with the riches of God’s word: we might only have gone as far as they were able to take us in 10 minutes. This year, instead of ‘headlining’ our GrowingDisciples course as a daily publication, these video ‘snippets’ will now be embedded directly in our Bible Reading program, along with prompts for further reflection. We will still read through the whole Bible in a year, but our week-by-week Devotional material will be shaped around a different Christian book each month.

During the month of January our weekly devotional material is going to be based on J.I. Packer’s book, Knowing God. Please try to purchase a copy for yourself.

To begin our year of going deep with God, I encourage you to read the excerpt from Knowing God available here.