God Only Wise, “Knowing God”, chapter 9 (part 2)

Today we continue our reflection on the theme of God’s wisdom, as explained by J.I. Packer in chapter 9 of Knowing God. This can be downloaded in the post below. Please read this before considering these reflection questions.

For your reflection:

  1. God’s ‘wisdom’ only makes sense when we know God’s Purpose. What is God’s Purpose, to which he applies his wisdom?
  2. Chapter 9 considers the experience of a number of Old Testament characters who endured challenging situations and seasons. And yet, God’s wisdom was at work– both for them and in achieving God’s great Purpose. Can you think of seasons in your own life where God’s gracious wisdom was acting for your ‘good’ while also furthering his Purpose?
  3. It is comforting to know that God’s perfect wisdom superintends all situations in our life– even the tough ones. Throughout chapter 9 J.I. Packer gives practical suggestions as to how we should respond to the more challenging situations we face. What do you think of his suggestions? Are there others that you would add?