The Dangerous Duty of Delight, Epilogue

A Final Call

If you've not yet been able to get a copy of the book (eBook available here for $7), then you can read the Epilogue here. 

Piper’s epilogue to The Dangerous Duty of Delight sums up his main point and urges us to embrace the idea of finding our greatest joy in God. This is not a book about doing the right thing, about obeying the commandments, because we ought. Instead it is a book about finding our deepest satisfaction, fulfilment and happiness in the person and ways of God– through humble obedience, suffering and self-denial– knowing all the time that this is the way in which God is most glorified.

For your consideration:

  1. In just a few sentences, how would you sum up this book to an interested friend? What do you think is its main message and how should we live it?
  2. How might you pray the message of this book for yourself? Now give it a go!

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