1 Samuel 1-4

Men Behaving Badly

The early years following the conquest of the Promised Land were marked by turmoil and spiritual weakness. Everyone simply did ‘what was right in their own eyes’ (Judges 17:6, 21:25), and so did not live according to what was right in God’s eyes. They did this, says the author of Judges, since they had no king– there was no military or administrative leadership, only the priesthood. Israel was a Theocracy not a Monarchy. And so, the narrative events of the book of Judges and the books of Samuel might well be called ‘Men Behaving Badly.’ While there are occasional bright spots, time and again we see the failures of leadership and compromised faithfulness, with all their consequences.

For the next two weeks, our Daily Devotionals will follow the book of 1 Samuel– and the lives of several men behaving badly.