A Long Obedience in the Same Direction: Psalm 122

We continue to read Eugene Peterson’s, “A Long Obedience in the Same Direction” throughout April, reflecting upon Psalms 120-134, also known as the Songs of Ascent. Details on how to easily purchase the book are here.

Chapter 4 is available for download here:

For your consideration and reflection:

  • How would you define ‘worship’ in a way that is big enough to include the heights of corporate praise as well as the simplicity of daily obedience?
  • When you gather for corporate worship– perhaps at church or with a small group– how do you manage your feelings and distractions? Does your heart ever ‘leap for joy’? Do you struggle with boredom?
  • How do you ensure authenticity in your Sunday worship?

You might like to turn your reflections into prayer.