The book of Psalms: Psalm 1

The book of Psalms seem to be arranged in some kind of liturgical order— although the exact logic has been lost. There are five divisions or five movements in the collection of 150 Psalms. In this series of daily devotionals, we’re going to immerse ourselves in Book 1— a book in which the Psalmist— very often David— is calling out to God for vindication. Many of these psalms show us God’s person in trouble, depending on God for deliverance, experiencing the tension between God’s sovereignty and their suffering.  We see that God has anointed his chosen king to rule, and yet the king experiences the injustice and the brokenness of this world. The Psalmist’s experience creates an ‘anti-type’ which prepares us for the earthly experience of God’s ultimate King, chosen to bring eternal salvation to God’s people.