April Prayer Project

This month will you consider praying particularly for the Muslim world. Click this link to find daily prayer points for the month of April.

Additional Prayer Points from St Swithun’s Pymble

Please pray for:

• Please pray for our mission partners especially Elizabeth and her work in the Middle East.

  • Please pray for countries and peoples around the world still affected by the highly transmissible OMICRON strain of the Coronavirus. Pray for all those who are hospitalised and those involved in contact tracing, administering vaccinations, testing, caring for those infected and those who mourn the death of loved ones.
  • Please pray with dear brothers and sisters in Christ in desperate need in the ongoing troubled nations of Burma (Myanmar), the Ukraine, Turkey, the Middle East and North & West Africa, especially South Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, the Central African Republic, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. Also pray for those millions of people who have been made refugees and displaced persons and especially those affected by the Coronavirus.
  • Please pray for the people of Afghanistan as the Taliban rule grows progressively harsher. Pray that those in control will respect the rights and freedoms of all the people and will rule with justice and compassion. Pray that western countries will welcome Afghan refugees and enable them to build new lives in safety and peace.
  • Uphold in prayer the people of Tonga in the aftermath of the recent volcanic eruption and tsunami. Pray that the restoration and rebuilding of people’s lives and homes continues without obstacle.
  • Please pray for the people and leaders of the Ukraine. Pray that the Lord will stay the hand and turn the heart of wicked and power-hungry men so that peace and stability may be restored and further bloodshed and destruction prevented. Pray that neighbouring countries and Australia will give safehaven to those people fleeing the conflict and devastation.
  • Pray for the victims of the floods devastating homes and livelihoods in south east Queensland, the northern rivers and the eastern seaboard of NSW. Pray for those people whose loved ones have been lost in the flood waters.