We best understand ourselves and our lives within the purposes of God. We are part of his grand narrative of creation, salvation and new-creation: grasping where we fit gives us the only perspective large enough to transform our inattentive busyness into satisfying relationship with Him. And so growing as a disciple of Jesus leads us to immerse ourselves in the bible. Each month, Growing Disciples provides a series of bible readings that will enable us to journey through the whole revelation of God in a year: you can choose how deep you wish to go. There are four options:

1. The Key Moments:
These are the passages that are critical to the overall story and structure of the bible. Read them more than once; get to know the text and its place in the story well; think and meditate upon them; pray about them.
2. Shedding Light on the Scene:
These are passages that expose and illustrate what is going on at this point in the story by fleshing out the Key Moments. Read them and ponder questions like, ‘where are we in the story’, ‘what are the people of God like’, ‘what are they hoping for’, and ‘how does this move the story forward?’
3. Looking Forward and Backward
These are the passages that look forward to or reflect back on this part of the story. They demonstrate the cohesive and cumulative nature of God’s revelation using the tools of ‘Biblical Theology’. Reading the bible in this way enables us to see both ‘the forest’ and ‘the trees’ with great clarity.
4. Reading the Whole Bible
You may want to read through the whole bible this year, following the biblical narrative through 12 months. Completing this is guaranteed to change your life. If you find that you’re getting behind, feel free to skip a few days to catch up.

If a regular bible reading habit is new to you, I suggest you begin with the Key Moments, and then build on that each time, perhaps also Shedding Further Light on the Scene, and then reading Forwards and Backwards. Then, if you can commit to 20 minutes each day, add Reading the Whole Bible in a Year.

Discipleship is an unhurried endeavour. In his book The Shallows, Nicholas Carr says of his reading habits, “Once I was a scuba diver in the sea of words. Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a jet ski.” His metaphor of full immersion versus superficial skimming is a good one– which applies not only to our reading, but to our engagement with God. Here, scuba diving is to be preferred over jet skiing! The good news is that changing the way we live is not impossible. This site is designed to help you find a new rhythm– a way to go deeper into God, like a sub diver investigating the ocean. For this reason, we encourage you to staying ‘in the program’, rather than reading ahead or ‘cherry-picking’ the bits you like.

With each of our monthly bible readings you will find embedded a parallel series of short Daily Devotionals. The themes of these short videos relate broadly to each month’s bible readings and aim to immerse us more deeply in the readings, and so, our relationship with God.