December Exercises: Review and Reflect

Over the centuries the church has known there are many ways we can work with God in renewing our minds. Prayer. Worship. Simplicity. Community. Reading scripture. 2020discipleship has intentionally focused on some of the postures and exercises that best assist that partnership with God in the renewing of our minds, especially given the title wave of activity and distraction that often passes for discipleship. We wanted to avoid being the people addicted to and obsessed with the work of the kingdom, with little to no idea how to be with the King.

This 2020discipleship program was planned in the hope that we together might learn something of the discipline of ‘doing less’, in order to prioritise a little more time with the King. As we embarked on this journey in January 2020, almost nobody had even heard of COVID-19, nor had we experience of living through a pandemic. The very unexpected outcomes of the COVID-19 Pandemic have served to highlight our deeper need of knowing God— not knowing about him, but truly knowing him… personally. 

Perhaps the strangeness of 2020 has made your engagement with this project of Christian growth easier, or perhaps you found yourself stretched and stressed more than ever. Whatever your circumstances have been, it is time now to give time to reviewing and reflecting upon what God has done in our lives throughout 2020.

Week One: Review

It was Socrates who said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Whether you’ve been using it regularly or not, please take out the Journal you purchased at the beginning of the year. Take some time to read back over what you have written. If you wish, review your Calendar/Schedule for the year, noting some of the more significant events that occurred.

Open a new page in your Journal, and begin a new entry which begins, “2020 seems to have been the year when I learned to…”

Week Two: Reflect

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Week Three: Remember

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Week Four: Remember Jesus

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