February: Week 2

Simplicity of Living

Over the next two weeks let’s try a more practical exercise in simplicity and generosity. Sometime over the next two weeks, try surviving one week on $50. That is, limit yourself to just $50 (per head in your household) for food and entertainment. Invite others in your family or your flat-mates to join in: this needs to be a voluntary commitment. It is going to be easier to do with more people. When you’re done, calculate how much less you spent than usual and donate the difference to your favourite charity (that’s the generosity that comes out of simplicity).

Make your own ‘rules’ : Is it OK to use up what you already have in the pantry? Are there exceptions for birthdays? Are some expenses excluded? Let grace be your guide, but make sure you ‘feel’ the impact of living on less.

Now here’s the important bit. Reflect on your experience: Was there anything you found particularly difficult? Did anything surprise you? Has the experience changed your outlook on the way you ordinarily live, such that you would consider making some permanent changes?

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