March: Week 3

Practice Solitude and Silence – part 2

Last week we were encouraged to make space in our day for 5 minutes of solitude and silence. These were the instructions:

Stop. Sit down in silence for 5 minutes. Every day for a week. Do this with no one around, no phone, no book, no music. Nothing.

We were also encouraged last week to journal our thoughts and reflections on this exercise. If you were able to do this, take a few moments to review your journal entries.

Overall, would you say that you enjoyed 5 minutes of solitude and silence (when you were actually able to find that time and place)? Did you become aware of any other benefits from this time?

This week, we are encouraged to try the same exercise– 5 minutes of solitude and silence each day for a week– but this week, make this a prelude to a time of prayer.

Use the time to slowly become aware of the presence of God. Draw near to him just to be with him. Don’t ask for anything for 5 minutes! Actually, don’t pray anything for 5 minutes! Just be with God and enjoy his presence. And if your mind just relaxes, that’s fine too.

Every 2 or 3 days, jot down a note in your journal describing your experience.

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