Prayer Points

Prayers for the week commencing Sunday 12 September 2021

Property Redevelopment

Please pray for us all as a church as we work together with the Building Committee in the Co-Design Process for the St Andrew’s Redevelopment Plan. Ask that God would give us a clear sense of his direction for our shared ministry as a church, and wisdom as we discern his will amongst competing priorities and needs. Pray also for a joyful expectation in the ways that God will use us, and our facilities, into the future.

As you pray this week, we encourage you to pray for:

  • the Gospel to be preached faithfully to the ends of the earth
  • all those who are working in our health care system, both on the front line and behind the scenes, as pressures are expected to increase in the weeks ahead
  • the physical and emotional wellbeing and spiritual health of our church family
  • wisdom for leaders and decision makers in government, industry and the community as NSW plans to transition out of lockdown
  • endurance, patience and godliness for families and teachers exhausted by lockdown and for refreshment in the upcoming school holidays
  • the peace of God to comfort all who are missing family and loved ones both locally and overseas and for safety as they reunite in the weeks and months ahead; and
  • the millions of people around the globe suffering as a result of violence, physical displacement, persecution, natural disasters, food insecurity and countless other distressing situations.


Merciful Lord, grant to your faithful people pardon and peace, that they may be cleansed from all their sins, and serve you with a quiet mind; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Mission and Aid Partners

Malcolm and Leanne (CMS, South East Asia)

Mal and Leanne write…

“Turning a real student classroom into one of many two-dimensional squares on a screen doesn’t make teaching a rewarding experience. Are they sitting with blank looks because they did not understand or is there an internet or computer problem? It turns out many of the student’s computers have problems with sound, vision or both. Some are trying to learn by using 4G on their phones.

While English classes are smaller, getting them to respond in English has been an exhausting challenge… the lessons drag.

We are starting to really feel the cumulative affects of weeks of lockdown without being able

to leave the apartment for the things that relieve stress like exercise or meeting with others. We know that most of you are in similar circumstances so can relate to being sick of the four walls.”

Join Mal and Leanne in giving thanks…

  • that the College has started the new academic year, even though it is online for the foreseeable future.
  • that students who don’t have internet access at home have been able to gather in regional hubs (local churches or homes of local Christians) to do their lessons online.
  • that they are on the way to being fully vaccinated having surprisingly been offered vaccination because they work with the College/denomination.Please join them in praying…
  • for good preparation and imagination when it comes to delivering lessons online.
  • that the internet will hold up well, particularly as more schools and universities start their academic year.
  • for student T who has been sick, that the doctors will be wise in treating him and that he will make a full recovery.