Prayer Project

We are all different, with different personalities, different opportunities and different styles. Our relationships with God will be similarly varied. During the month of February we want to design, refine and practice using our own unique pattern of daily prayer.

Over the millennia of Christian experience, many godly people have initiated their own patterns of prayer. Tim Keller has already done the research work for us and assembled a collection of some of the best examples of these patterns of prayer, in his book Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God.

Click below to download a summary.

Our GrowingDisciples Prayer Project for the month of February is to design, refine and practice using our own personal prayer pattern. Be as creative and innovative as you like. Make something up that works especially for you. Use it. Evaluate it. Refine it. Use it some more. But make it something that is useful for you on a daily basis.

In your journal, you might jot down some note as to how this project develops throughout the month.