June: Week 1

Time to Lament

Despite our claims, most of us cannot multitask well – we simply end up doing two things poorly! We are no better when it comes to issues of the heart. In fact it is almost impossible to feel to competing emotions at once. Lament is no exception. We can’t identify appropriately with brokenness and loss when we are distracted or rushed.

If you’ve known personal tragedy, when did you last pause for remembrance and reflection? This week consider setting aside some time to review some of the ‘losses’ you have experienced in life. Perhaps this will be the death of someone close to you. Perhaps it will be the loss of a job, a relationship, or a treasured situation. 

If you haven’t known grief in a personal way consider pausing for a time of reflection on aspects of the world’s brokenness.

As you reflect, talk to God about your feelings – the good and the bad. Consider using one of the Psalms to guide your prayer (for example, Psalms 3, 4, 5 or 13.) However we do it, we need to make sure we are providing space to live all of life, and that includes lament.

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