May: Week 2

Reclaim your Sabbath

Reflect: How did you go with your planned ‘Rest’ last week? Did you actually rest, even as you planned to do so?

We know that God rested. But in Exodus 31:17 it says something else of the Lord as well. It says, “…and on the seventh day he rested and was refreshed.” We might be tempted to view our need for refreshment as evidence of our weakness or even our falseness. But we see here that, whatever else it might mean that God was ‘refreshed”, it must allow for our rest to be refreshing.  We should expect rest to have a restorative effect. 

While the Lord Jesus seemed willing to contravene many of the Sabbath ‘rules’ of his day, he was always passionately advocating for the true purpose of Sabbath as rest and restoration (eg Mark 2:23-3:6). Consider the boundaries you will need to place around a ‘Sabbath time’ in your week, and the length of time within those boundaries, in order for restoration to occur. In doing so, remember that God gifted us with a whole day for Sabbath. 

Exercise: Part 1 – To crystallise your thinking on this matter, write out your personal Sabbath manifesto in your journal and find someone to share this with.

Part 2 – As you did last week, in your diary set aside a time for rest this coming week and plan what you will do during that time.