May: Week 3

Technology Sabbath

Reflect: How did your planned Rest go this past week? What could you do to improve it?

Here’s your challenge: enjoy an electronic-technology-free sabbath. No phone, TV, computer, iPad, radio… etc. I think that using lights, refrigerators, heaters and cooking appliances could be allowed, but you can set your own boundaries. 

In the introduction to Neil Postman’s prescient book, “Amusing Ourselves To Death: public discourse in the age of show business,” a University professor describes the experience of his students to do likewise:

Each student has his or her own weakness— for some it is TV, some the cellphone/PDA, some the internet. But no matter how much they hate abstaining, or how hard it is to hear the phone ring but not answer it, they take time to do things they haven’t done in years. They actually walk down the street to visit a friend. They have extended conversations… The experience changes them. 

Let this experience change you. Schedule a technology free Sabbath, a perhaps even a regular work day that is ‘unplugged.’ Our electronic advances can bring with them urgency, interruption and distraction. All of which are enemies of true rest.