October: Week 4

Initiate a festival

Characteristic of Israel’s annual cycle of celebration was the remembering of key events with food and stories. Passover, Pentecost and Purim were all celebratory festivals, remembering respectively: God’s salvation in the exodus; harvest and the giving of the Torah at Sinai; and, God’s rescue during the exile. The eating of the meal was accompanied with the re-telling of stories and the reading of relevant scripture.

This week, think of some ways in which God has provided goodness, salvation or rescue in the life of your community. Is there anything in particular that lends itself to a pre-meditated festival celebration? The anniversary of a sick friend who became well? The arrival of a new friend? The completion of unit of work? The salvation testimony of someone in your church community? Christmas in July?

Share your idea with close friends and family. Start planning a festival in remembrance of one of those things. Discover the anticipation of an event where a close group can get together around a specific occasion to celebrate God‘s goodness and each other.

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