Week Four: Praise Him with other people…

Many of us will have had experiences of worshiping God alone. These can be intimate and rewarding times, yet there are essential aspects of worship that can only be experienced and offered to God in community. We are, perhaps, very familiar with ‘our’ community, ‘our’ church, ‘our’ way doing corporate worship.

This weeks exercise is very simple: gather some friends to worship God, differently. Together, plan a time of praise or worship like nothing you’ve ever done before. Find out about some Christian worship practices and styles that are different to those you with which you are familiar. If you’re familiar with practices that are energetic and lively, you might consider something more contemplative. On the other hand, if you have never raised your hands or sung with enthusiasm, it might be time you did. Be prepared to venture outside your comfort zone.

As you engage in worship, try not to critique all the differences. Instead, look for the positives that this unfamiliar worshiping style reveals about the nature of God.