September: Week 4

The Magnitude

We can all find it in ourselves to volunteer if the Cause is significant or ‘sexy’ enough. And even if the task is to be carried out in anonymity, most of us can rise to the occasion if it is accompanied by a sense that it was worthy of our precious time and consideration. Again, this turns service into a subtle form of self interest.

But what about the service of ‘small things’? Running an errand for a friend, guarding the reputation of another, common courtesy, hospitality, or simply listening.

Many of us live waiting for our one shot at martyrdom— our ‘big moment’ to serve others on such a scale as to earn our place in history. Meanwhile dozens of less spectacular opportunities to serve pass by us every day. Not only do we miss the opportunities themselves, we miss the fact that it’s those smaller actions that shape us over a lifetime to make us capable of great act of selflessness.

Still waiting for your big shot? How are you going on the small things? This week add some of those ‘small things’ to your service inventory.