Week One: Connecting

There’s a good chance you have hundreds of friends on Facebook or in your phone. But how many of these people do you really know? And how many really know you?It’s ironic that as communication gets easier, it can often become less meaningful. Studies of adults in western cultures during the past half century have recorded a significant drop in the average number of close confidantes we each have— from five in the 1950s, to two in the 2000s.

This week, we want to practice the art of connecting well with people. This will involve taking initiative, thoughtful conversation, careful listening, and a degree of vulnerability. Here are some suggestions to begin connecting: 

  • Write [even hand write] a letter to a friend or loved one.
  • Arrange a time to call a friend just to talk.
  • If you are traveling this month, go out of your way to visit someone.
  • Write a ‘thank you’ card to someone who would least expect it.