August 2021, Week One: Savouring the moment

Sometimes Western Christians aren’t very good at stopping and celebrating. But the Israelites did this intentionally and often, with a series of feasts built into their annual calendar: Passover (celebrating God’s deliverance from Egypt), Tabernacles (celebrating God’s provision in the wilderness), Purim (celebrating God’s protection in exile), to name but a few. Each occasion was marked not only by Godward gratitude but also by communal gathering, feasting and gratitude. 

This weekend, plan a celebration with family and/or friends. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a new job, an old job, or even just the end of the week— purposefully delight yourselves in an aspect of God’s goodness to you. The key is to name and articulate exactly what it is that you are celebrating. Then, with purpose, hit the pause button and practice savouring the moment with others.

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