April: Week 3


As we have suggested elsewhere in this program this month, community takes time. It means we will have to turn up to be with one another— even when it’s inconvenient. Of course, we will practice social distancing, but relationship requires interaction! 

Our culture values spontaneity and flexibility but this can sometimes mean we become lazy in planning our social interactions. Reserving time in advance to be together honours our relationship partner— planning prioritises that relationship over whatever alternatives may arise. There is an ‘opportunity cost’ to enjoying committed relationships. It means that sometimes, in order to grow a deeper committed relationship, you will have to say no to more exciting offers.

This month, take a blank piece of paper and ask yourself: Where are my most important relational and community connections? Make a list on one half of the paper. On the other half, list the places you are spending most of your time.

Reflect: How compatible are the two halves of your paper? Do you have some hard calls to make in order to see yourself develop some committed, costly relationships? How many meaningful relationships do you have capacity for? Which will you prioritise?