April: Week 2

Conversing is essential to knowing and being known. It is the gradual sharing of ourselves with others. But is conversation a dying art? When we get together, we typically divide our time between interacting with each other and multiple forms of media or electronic devices. We watch movies but do not talk about them. We listen to music but do not share our responses to it. We plan social gatherings, but end up in night clubs or bars where conversation is mitigated by the noise or activity surrounding us.

In conversation, the most powerful communication happens through non-verbal means such as body language and tone of voice. Active and responsive listening is crucial. Take some time to consider you non-verbal communication skill levels.

Some ideas for fostering conversation this month:

  • Host a dessert and coffee evening for a handful of friends, giving thought ahead of time to a series of conversation starters and topics.
  • Have a movie night, but start early and discuss the movie afterwards.
  • Plan an evening where each person brings along a favourite piece of music. Take time to listen together to each person’s chosen piece of music and discuss what makes it special.
  • Read the Bible with friends and talk about what you have read.
  • Practice asking good questions of others, and invite others to ask questions of you.